Zafar Abbas, the compassionate force behind the JDC Foundation, emerges as a luminary in the philanthropic landscape of Pakistan, spearheading 89 welfare projects that span across crucial domains such as rescue operations, healthcare, education, and general welfare. With an unyielding commitment to uplifting the underprivileged, he initiated the JDC Charity Foundation to provide free healthcare, education, and sustenance, envisioning a future marked by positive change and dignity for the less fortunate. From its humble inception in Aisha Manzil, Karachi, Pakistan, JDC has evolved into a comprehensive organization, addressing urgent calls in disaster situations and pioneering liberation and rescue management across the province.

In an exclusive conversation with Gulf Times, Abbas unveils the intricate tapestry of JDC's journey, shedding light on the organization's impactful initiatives, including the establishment of free medical camps and a groundbreaking Free Diagnostic Lab offering vital blood tests. “At JDC Free Lab, our dedicated team of staff and doctors is tirelessly perfecting our systems and services. Soon, our expanded facility will be accessible to all, ensuring top-quality care for a larger community,” says Abbas as he shared about the foundation’s aspirations to expand its impact, introducing new initiatives to address emerging needs and fostering transformative change in the communities they serve.

Israel’s widening air and ground offensive in southern Gaza has displaced tens of thousands more Palestinians and worsened the territory’s already dire humanitarian conditions, with the fighting preventing the distribution of food, water and medicine outside a sliver of southern Gaza. Beyond borders, Abbas reflects on the role of charitable organizations in global crises, sharing insights on how entities like JDC can contribute to the relief of affected communities, such as those in Gaza. According to Abbas “Collaborative initiatives can maximize impact, alleviate suffering, and work towards rebuilding the affected communities, fostering hope and resilience.”

JDC also recently formed an influential collaboration with renowned artist Atif Aslam to create an awareness and enhance healthcare accessibility with the power of celebrity involvement in magnifying the positive impact on the community.

Can you share the inspiration behind founding JDC Charity Foundation in Pakistan and the initial motivations for its establishments.

JDC Charity Foundation in Pakistan was inspired by a deep compassion for those in need. Our initial motivation was to provide free healthcare, education, and food, aiming to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the underprivileged with dignity. Our foundation is committed to fostering positive change and creating a better future for communities in Pakistan.

How has JDC Foundation evolved from its early days in Aisa Manzil, Karachi, to becoming a comprehensive organization involve in liberation and rescue management across the province?

Our non-profit organization has begun its journey by catering to flood disaster victims at Aish Manzil, Karachi, on 2010. Our JDC Foundation has grown to provide welfare and rehabilitation services to individuals and communities in need, with a particular focus on Sindh Province with expanding it all over the Pakistan. Our commitment to inclusivity and non-discrimination fosters unity, respect ad equal opportunities for all. In the floods of 2022, JDC, with their experience in dealing with floods, led the way by establishing temporary tent cities and safe shelters for victims.

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Could you elaborate on specific initiatives and projects that JDC has undertaken to address urgent calls and provide immediate aid in various disaster situations?

JDC foundation has swiftly responded to disaster situations through free rescue and relief services during floods, providing food and shelter. Additionally, our teams have been actively involved in city fire incidents, offering immediate aid. In the COVID-19 pandemic, we've extended support by providing essential food supplies to those in need.

During the floods in Pakistan, last year, we not only rescued people and provided temporary shelter, but also served meals for almost 2,400,000 victims in four months. JDC answered the call, setting up makeshift tent cities and distributed over 80,000 tents to those affected.

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We provided over 35,000 First Aid Kits to those affected, providing essential medical supplies. Cash distribution was also crucial during the flood as it allowed over 11,000 affected families to purchase essential supplies like medicine, clothing and shelter materials.

In what ways has JDC Charity contributed to healthcare in the region through the establishment of free medical camps, and what impact has it had on the local community?

Ans. JDC foundation has significantly contributed to healthcare in the region through the establishment of free emergency dispensaries, dialysis centers, and diagnostic labs. Our free medical camps have had a profound impact on the local community, providing accessible healthcare services, early diagnosis, and vital treatments, ultimately improving the overall health and well-being of individuals in need.

Can you highlight some of the key challenges JDC has faced in its journey and how has the foundation overcome these obstacles to continue its philanthropic work?

Ans. Thank you for highlighting our impactful initiatives. Initially, JDC Charity commenced its projects in a limited capacity, primarily focusing on addressing urgent needs during flood disasters. With the unwavering support of our dedicated supporters, we expanded our efforts to establish free emergency dispensaries, dialysis centers, diagnostic labs, and conduct medical camps. This collaborative approach has allowed us to make a more profound and lasting impact on the overall health and well-being of the local community.

Tell us about international Free Lab. Can you provide details on how the free blood tests initiative will be implement, including the target details on how the free blood tests initiative will be implemented, including the target demographic, geographic reach, and the specific types test that will be offered?

Among our various healthcare initiatives JDC Foundation takes immense pride in unveiling its state-of-the-art Diagnostic Lab, and what sets these exceptional facilities apart is their resounding promise of being entirely free of charge. Our free diagnostic lab is committed to serving humanity on a daily basis. The implementation of the free blood tests initiative involves targeting diverse demographics, reaching various geographic areas, and offering a wide range of specific tests. We aim to ensure accessibility to vital diagnostic services, promoting early detection, and contributing to the overall health and well-being of individuals across different communities. At JDC Free Lab, our dedicated team of staff and doctors is tirelessly perfecting our systems and services. Soon, our expanded facility will be accessible to all, ensuring top-quality care for a larger community. To ensure unparalleled precision and reliability, we've imported cutting-edge machinery from overseas. We understand the crippling burden that medical expenses can impose on individuals and families. At JDC, we firmly believe that access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right, not an exclusive privilege. By providing these critical services without any financial burden, we aspire to make a significant impact in the lives of those who need it most.

There’s humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, Palestine, how do you think organisations worldwide like JDC can contribute at large for the cause and relief of affected Palestinians?

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In the face of the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and other war-torn countries, organizations worldwide, including JDC as we first taken initiative in Pakistan, and other welfare organizations, can make significant contributions by coordinating efforts to provide essential medical aid, food, shelter, and psychological support. Collaborative initiatives can maximize impact, alleviate suffering, and work towards rebuilding the affected communities, fostering hope and resilience. In particular, focusing on vulnerable groups such as children, women, and the elderly is crucial. Ensuring access to education, healthcare, and safe spaces for children, supporting women's health and empowerment, and providing special care for the elderly are pivotal aspects. Emphasizing the provision of nutritional support, especially through initiatives like supplying tin-packed food, becomes a lifeline, aiming not only to address immediate hunger but also to nourish and sustain the health of those most in need. Together, these efforts strive to bring solace and restore a sense of normalcy to the lives of those affected by the ongoing crises.

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In what ways do you think Atif Aslam envisions the new initiative contributing to healthcare accessibility and public well-being and are there plans for collaboration with existing healthcare institutions or organizations to maximize impact?

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Atif Aslam and his wife, Sara Atif, have illuminated the path of generosity with their remarkable donation to our foundation. Their benevolence stands as a beacon, setting a commendable example for philanthropy in the realm of celebrities. Their gracious support marks a momentous milestone, making them the first celebrity donors to our noble cause. We are immensely grateful for the generous contribution of Rs.2,00,00,000/= from Atif Aslam and his wife Sara Atif towards our Free Diagnostic Lab initiative. Their vision aligns with our commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility and public well-being. With this remarkable support, we aim to collaborate with existing healthcare institutions and organizations, fostering synergies to maximize the impact of our shared goal. Their philanthropy serves as a beacon of inspiration, reflecting a deep commitment to the welfare of our community and the transformative power of collective efforts in the realm of healthcare.

How do you think celebrities and people of importance taking part and affiliating themselves with such charitable organization help to reach out more people and do more positive at large for the community?

The involvement of celebrities and influential individuals in charitable organizations plays a pivotal role in amplifying the reach and impact of initiatives. Their association not only brings attention to critical causes but also inspires a wider audience to contribute towards positive change. By leveraging their influence, these figures become powerful advocates, creating a ripple effect that extends the outreach of charitable efforts. Their commitment transcends philanthropy, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and unity, ultimately empowering communities and catalyzing transformative change.

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What future goals and aspirations does JDC Charity have in terms of expanding its impact or introducing new initiative to address emerging needs in the community?

In envisioning the future, JDC Foundation aspires to continue expanding its impact by reaching more underserved communities through innovative initiatives. Our goal is to introduce new programs that address emerging needs in healthcare, education, and social welfare. By forging partnerships, leveraging technology, and staying responsive to evolving challenges, we aim to create a sustainable and far-reaching impact, transforming lives and fostering positive change in the communities we serve.

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