Qatar Foundation will be raising funds for Palestinian children at a special Education City event on December 16 at Multaqa, from 4-8pm, stemming from its 3D edutainment TV series Siraj.
The event, titled ‘From Qatar to Palestine: Siraj Fundraiser for the Children of Palestine’, aims to support Palestine through a series of interactive activities designed to entertain and educate participants about the Palestinian cause.
At the event, donations can be made through purchasing activity vouchers from Qatar Charity. Tickets are priced at QR10, and all proceeds will be donated to child relief in Gaza.
A short 2D animated film about Palestine, ‘Yassin’s Kite’, will also be premiered at the fundraising event. The film narrates the story of Yaseen, who sends a kite as a message of longing and solidarity to his homeland Palestine. The journey of the kite is depicted through various scenes, highlighting Palestinian culture, resilience and the enduring spirit of its people.
There will also be an interactive activity with the 3D animated character, Siraj, and the opportunity to meet Siraj’s mascots Rashid and Noura; as well as to engage in colouring sessions on Palestine-themed drawings; craft paper planes that bear messages of hope and solidarity for Palestine; and to take photos with representations of Palestinian monuments.
Shaikha al-Zeyara, project manager, Strategic Initiatives at Qatar Foundation's Pre-University Education, who wrote the script for the film, said: "As part of the Siraj team, we felt a strong responsibility to educate children about Palestine, and that inspired us to create a special film on the topic.
"Our goal is to deepen their understanding and awareness of Palestinian challenges in a child-friendly manner. The film is more than just a story; it's a bridge connecting young minds to Palestinian culture, sparking their curiosity and introducing them to values like pride, resilience and solidarity, all the while reinforcing the Arab Islamic identity.”
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