The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the toll of causalities since the start of the Israeli occupation aggression on Gaza Strip on Oct. 7 has surged to 17,997 martyrs and 49,229 wounded.
The Ministry stated in a report that 297 martyrs arrived at hospitals during the last hours, while a large number of victims were still under the rubble.
Gaza's Government Media Office announced in a statement that 7,875 children and 6,130 women were among the martyrs, in addition to 7,760 people who remain missing either under the rubble or whose fate is still unknown.
In addition, more than 61% of the homes and residential units in Gaza Strip were destroyed as part of the comprehensive genocidal war launched by the Israeli occupation.
The Media Office pointed out that the conditions of the displaced in Gaza Strip, whose number exceeds 1.5 million people, are becoming increasingly difficult and clearly threatening food, water and medicine security. The displaced also suffer from poor living conditions and poor shelter.
The Office warned international institutions and organizations of the spread of famine in Gaza Strip, especially in the governorates of Gaza and the North; holding the occupation and the international community fully accountable for the deteriorating humanitarian conditions and food and water insecurity because of their complicit policy aimed at exacerbating conditions. (QNA)
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