The hosting of the 21st Doha Forum comes at a time of rising disputes and conflicts around the world, most notably the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip that has led to its comprehensive destruction and the deliberate killing of civilians.
The forum also comes at a time when challenges related to energy security, food security, and supply chain disruption have increased, as the world faces many armed conflicts, as in the Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as cyber threats, rising extremism, nuclear proliferation, effects of climate change, poverty, marginalisation, deprivation, and inequality between North and South in development, economic opportunities, and quality education.
Qatar is anticipating the influx of world leaders, including heads of state and government, ministers and UN officials, to participate in the forum which will be held today and tomorrow, under the title 'Building Shared Futures', to discuss the most important current issues, most notably developments in the situation in occupied Palestine.
The Doha Forum has gained global momentum since its launch nearly two decades ago. It will continue in its current version to open the door to dialogue and promote constructive debate on a wide range of pressing topics and issues awaiting resolution, including the Palestinian issue, economic development, environmental sustainability, food security, artificial intelligence, geopolitical dynamics, and other topics. This can be done by bringing together diverse perspectives, strengthening co-operation, and driving positive change through diplomacy, dialogue, and diversity.
The forum comes from Qatar's vision of solving problems and overcoming challenges through dialogue between participants and benefiting from the expertise coming to Doha, to build relationships and establish partnerships that contribute to developing common concepts. It is certain that the sessions related to the current situation will witness broad discussions to reach common opinions and ideas that will lead to resolving many crises. The situation in Palestine will be present in the sessions, workshops, and side discussions.
This year's forum is expected to be distinguished in terms of attendance that brings together many decision and policymakers in various fields, in addition to the presence of new partners from Latin America and East Asia, which indicates the expansion of the forum's base to include almost all continents of the world. The forum will highlight four main themes: international relations and security, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, economic development, and sustainability, through 18 main sessions and 35 side sessions.
The Doha Forum, which was launched by His Highness the Father Amir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani in 2000, is a global platform in the field of contemporary international affairs and the largest global platform for diplomacy, dialogue and diversity. The slogan of this year's edition of the Forum reflects the image of the current international situations and challenges.
For more than 22 years, the Doha Forum has devoted its position as an interactive global dialogue platform, in favour of localising development, security and stability in the world. Through previous editions, Qatar collected the experiences of many opinion and political leaders, global experts and activists and came up with perceptions and visions that draw a road map for resolving global crises and challenges.
The 21st Doha Forum reflects Qatar's global message of supporting multilateral international action. Qatar believes that no country can undertake its pioneering efforts alone, as this requires a co-ordinated collective effort by all countries.
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