The world's attention will be directed towards Doha Sunday and Monday, when the 21st Doha Forum will be held. Amidst growing global and regional circumstances and challenges, the forum's discussions are expected to come up with ideas and directions that will help address crises and mitigate their impact as much as possible.
The agenda and discussions of the 21st Doha Forum, which comes under the slogan "Building Shared Futures", hold great importance, as participants that include policymakers, global leaders and experts from all over the world, will shed light on solving problems in systematic and proactive ways, as well as provide practical solutions that will achieve long-term sustainability and make the world a diverse and better place for everyone from different cultures.
Participants will delve deeper into analysing a number of current important topics, by building on the success of previous editions and opening the door to dialogue and enhancing discussion on the topics that include economic development, environmental sustainability, food security, artificial intelligence and geopolitical dynamics.
Branching out from all these current and important global and regional issues, participants will also discuss side topics by bringing together diverse viewpoints, enhancing co-operation, and leading positive change through diplomacy, dialogue and diversity.
In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Director General of the Doha Forum Fatima Mohamed al-Baker affirmed the great importance that the Doha Forum has managed to obtain over the past years ever since its launch, as it has become a platform for dialogue and the exchange of ideas on various issues and topics. Over two decades, the Doha Forum has established itself as a prominent platform in the diplomatic scene and has been able to provide an open and diverse environment that promotes dialogue and the exchange of ideas.
The increasing interest in the Doha Forum is reflected in the expansion of the circle of distinguished participating partners and their diversity year after year. It is also an undoubtable reflection of Doha's global status, as well as the forum's program which focuses on discussing the most important current issues and finding ways to solve them in a way that contributes to building a bright tomorrow for all, Al Baker added.
In its attentiveness to the current regional and international issues, and within its political agenda, the 21st Doha Forum will focus on important issues of international security and peace such as developments in the Middle East, most notably the Palestinian cause and the aggression, destruction and genocide that the Gaza Strip has been exposed to by the Israeli occupation force since Oct. 7, in what can only be described as a crime against humanity and a blatant and flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and human rights and the relevant international and Arab legitimacy resolutions, including the issue of the two-state solution with the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the 1967 borders.
The catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip also stands out in this regard and the importance of the need to expand the scope of humanitarian aid in order to alleviate the suffering of the brotherly Palestinian people, in addition to discussing crises that face a number of other Arab countries.
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