Mexico has opened its pavilion at Expo 2023 Doha where the country showcases diversity of landscapes while featuring a great variety of agricultural production. The opening was in the presence of dignitaries from the Mexico embassy and Expo 2023 Doha officials. The pavilion, according to a press statement from the Mexico embassy, is especially focused on the Mexican agri-food sector. “It allows all visitors to acquire a better understanding of the Mexican agri sector. It helps Mexican companies obtain information, not only about Qatar and Middle East’s dynamic markets but also about the latest technologies, top innovations and common challenges, among partner countries,” the statement said.
“Mexico is an important producer and exporter of agri-food and fishing products in the world. We are currently the 11th world food producer and 9th food exporter, reaching more than 160 countries, including the markets of the Middle East and North Africa,” it said.
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