Every Wednesday, leave the beau at home. If you’re single, then perhaps the idea of beau at home as well. There is nothing better than a little pre-weekend, before the actual weekend and that too rolling deep with your best girl pack. Time to vibe, and its time to hang with your gal pals — all with a swipe of red lipstick and high dosage of estrogen. Roaring table with positive energy and laughter for days for everyone to hear. Wouldn’t you agree, the coolest groups have women in them, whether that means Spice Girls, Gossip Girl (Serena and Blair!), cast of Bridesmaids or Ms Swift’s endless squad goals with Blake Lively. And whilst you’re at it — dress for the occasion with some Instagram worthy looks.
There are plenty of sartorial option that come with Ladies’ night in Doha, all mostly happening on Wednesday — but one new offering that we recently went for and couldn’t but swoon over was Ladies Night at The Highmore at The Waldorf Astoria Lusail. Where I do understand that the group energy has a lot to do with the kind of night you’re going to have — but this place is really something! Taking liberty to say that it was one of the best night outs I’ve had in Doha, actually we’ve had, would be an understatement. The food, the drinks, the weather and the service. Carpe diem!
Where toast to “living, laughing and learning” and “having it all” was the order of the night, if you think about The Highmore restless indoor setting — you’re missing out on the balcony set-up they’ve just had.
The atmosphere was hypnotic, illuminated by a flurry of flashing lights and pulsating beats that filled the sky. As the night transitioned into the darkest hours, the only thing that truly mattered was the fact that we were dancing the night away together, no one else in mind.
In terms of food: Indulging in a culinary delight, our dining experience was a symphony of flavoirs and textures. To kick off the night, we savoured the explosive taste of Dynamite Shrimps, a spicy sensation that left our taste buds tingling with delight. The Jalapeno Poppers, oozing with melted cheese, provided a perfect balance of heat and creaminess. The Garlic Bread, astonishingly soft and reminiscent of a delicate pao bun, melted in our mouths with each bite, leaving a lingering satisfaction. As the crescendo to our meal, we succumbed to the allure of the Death by Chocolate dessert—a decadent concoction featuring gianduja, cocoa sponge, and salted caramel, offering a harmonious blend of rich and sweet and the finale, a Banoffee Pie, showcased layers of caramel, banana, and topped with velvety vanilla bean ice cream, creating a sublime conclusion to our culinary journey. Each dish unfolded a gastronomic story, leaving us satiated and with memories of a remarkable dining experience.
There were no smashing hot dates or long-term partners—just the intoxicating thrill of burning beverages, the lush swatches of drinks that mixologist was preparing for us, and the collective surge of estrogen fueling the euphoria within our squad. It was an experience that had seemed almost impossible in the past five years, the time I’ve been in Doha for, but we made sure to make this night out count by pulling out all the stops—no holding back.
For those seeking assistance in ensuring their evening plans are foolproof, The Highmore team always have your backs. They curate a selection of drinks, offerings that keep you feeling spritzed up throughout the night. With everything set in place, all that was left for us and our girl friends was to bust out our best moves until the thought of work the next day broke the news.
No matter what you wear, once your whirlwind night is over, you’ll never feel better heading home with your best female friends on your arm—and a stellar outfit to match.
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