Google announced that it is providing solutions for users who complain that their files stored in its cloud storage service have disappeared on Drive, where in recent days multiple complaints have emerged from Drive users in computers about their files mysteriously disappearing, with Google later acknowledging the existence of the problem and announcing the start of its investigation.
Google posted on its official website a solution that may contribute to the recovery of lost files, a multi-step solution manually conducted by the user to try to return the files.
Google has advised users of Drive in computers to avoid clicking on an option to "Disconnect the account," avoid deleting the app from the device, as well as download the latest version of the Drive app for Windows or Mac OS, then run the recovery tool in the app by clicking on the app icon in the menu bar or task bar, then press the prolonged Shift button and click on Settings, then choose "Recover from backups". When the process is successful, the user receives a notification saying "the recovery process has begun", and all the recovered files are placed in a new folder called "Google Drive Recovery."
Google reported that users with difficulties recovering their lost files can send feedback to Google, through the Drive computer app using the # DFD84 tag and tick the box indicating that diagnostic records are attached. (QNA)
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