University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) raised QR64,853 during Charity Week, an international unity project to bring people together from across the globe to fundraise for orphans and children in underserved communities based upon shared Islamic and humanitarian values.
Conducted in affiliation with Education Above All, more than 23 educational institutions in Qatar participated in this initiative, a statement said Wednesday. This year, the Qatar Charity Week Team, collectively raised the largest sum compared to other participating countries globally -- QR388,992, doubling the amount raised in 2022.
UDST students led the fundraiser week in collaboration with the Student Engagement Department, a division of Student Affairs, and they involved the entire UDST community by implementing innovative activities and appealing initiatives. Dr Salem Al-Naemi, president of UDST, said: “It is heartwarming to observe our community coming together for a noble purpose, and to see that the University's role extends beyond mere education. By instilling human values, the University is shaping the personalities of its students, helping them evolve into leaders who excel not just in their academic fields but also in community support, becoming valuable contributors to society.”
Dr Christopher Bridges, vice-president of Student Affairs at UDST, said: “The tireless dedication and exceptional teamwork displayed by them was truly commendable. Charity Week is a testament to the compassion and commitment of our students. I am immensely proud of their selfless contributions, and the positive impact they've made. This accomplishment underscores the spirit of community, generosity, and compassion that defines UDST."
The UDST Charity Week core team consisted of students from different colleges: Sumaiya Rizwan, Nusrat Reda, Bakr Amr, Aaima Baig, Atya-ur-Rehman Said, Abdelillah Benhalima, Rashida Naz and Ezzat Shabbir.
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