Qatar University (QU)'s Foundation Programme (FP), in collaboration with the College of Business and Economics (CBE) and Qatar Development Bank (QDB), organised the Foundation Programme Showcase event recently.
The event spotlighted the inventive ideas of 275 students — comprising 55 female teams and 15 male teams from the Business English course ENGL 252, who presented a range of innovative business concepts. The event was a vibrant display of entrepreneurial talent and forward-thinking ideas, attended by a diverse audience that included university students and business professionals.
This showcase marked the culmination of the Business English Entrepreneurship Project, where students were tasked with applying their business acumen and refining their English communication skills specifically for the Qatari market. The students' remarkable enthusiasm throughout the entire endeavour was what really made this event stand out.
Attendees included Dr Rana Sobh, dean of CBE; Dr Saeed al-Bana, director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship; Dr Hala Hadba, FP acting associate director; Dr Abir Ahmed, the acting head of Department of the English Foundation Programme; and a QDB representative.
The showcase event was followed by the Foundation Program Entrepreneurial Excellence Award Ceremony to commemorate the outstanding achievements of female student teams from the Showcase Event, particularly those who earned first place for their innovative business concepts.
Dr Hezam al-Awah, FP director, highlighted that the exhibition embodied the ongoing efforts within the Foundation Programme to cultivate students’ skills and to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit in university life.
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