Qatar Mobility Innovations Centre (Qmic) took part in the 17th annual Gulf Petrochemical and Chemicals Association Forum and the accompanying exhibition, displaying its Automated Heat Stress Monitoring Solution (Humidex) among its other various smart solutions and services.
The GPCA Annual Forum, a prominent event in the petrochemical and chemical industry, attracted industry leaders, experts, and decision-makers from around the globe. Qmic presented the capabilities of Humidex and the vital role it can play in this important domain, promoting worker safety, and smart work environment management, in line with Qmic’s commitment to shaping a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future.
Humidex is a smart automated heat stress monitoring platform that aims to protect individuals working in harsh environmental conditions by alerting safety officers and affected individuals when conditions become dangerously hot. Many countries, including Qatar and other GCC countries, have implemented strict regulations and operational processes to ensure the safety of workers in hot and humid weather. The platform automates the process of monitoring heat stress and delivers crucial information to various stakeholders. This platform offers several advantages over traditional manual methods used to implement occupational heat stress safety regulations, especially in the field of Petrochemicals where health and safety is a crucial aspect of everyday operations.
Omar M al-Jaber, director of Strategic Partnerships and Outreach at Qmic, affirms: "In our commitment to shaping a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future, Qmic proudly showcased its Humidex at the 17th Annual GPCA Forum. Humidex not only aligns with rigorous safety standards but also signifies our dedication to advancing worker safety and smart work environment management in the petrochemical and chemical industry.
Qmic’s Humidex platform enhances workplace safety by effectively monitoring and managing heat stress conditions in this industry as well across other potential non-industrial sectors, like schools, public parks.
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