The total number of inbound visitors to the State of Qatar reached about 289 thousand, recording a monthly increase of 16.9% (compared to September 2023), and an annual increase of 60.8% (compared to October 2022).
The new issue of "Qatar; Monthly Statistics" Bulletin, released by the Planning and Statistics Authority on Sunday indicated the highest number of visitors was from the Other Asia inc. Oceania Countries at 28%. As for visitors by type of port, the visitors via Air make up the highest percentage with 74% of the total number of visitors.
One of the most notable changes in this issue is the rise in the total number of ships arriving at Qatar Ports during October 2023 by 1.3% compared to September 2023.
As for the Banking Sector; Total Broad Money Supply (M2) recorded about 721 Billion Qatari Riyals during October 2023, an annual increase of 3.4% compared with October 2022. On the other hand, cash equivalents; including Commercial Bank Deposits, attained for 979 Billion Qatari Riyals during October 2023. The figure has recorded an annual increase of 2.6% compared to October 2022, when deposits recorded approximately 954 Billion Qatari Riyals.
Regarding to Vital Statistics, 2422 live births have been registered during October 2023. Also, an increase in the total Qatari live births by 14.1% comparing to last month. On the other hand, 262 deaths were recorded during the same period, an increase of 20.7% compared to September 2023.
As for the Social Security statements, reached QR 79 million in October 2023, for 14078 beneficiaries, Recording a monthly increase of 1.5% for the value of social security and a monthly decrease of 2.4% for the number of beneficiaries of Social Security.
The issue revealed a rise in total number of new driver's licenses at a monthly rate of 1.0%, and the increase in the total number of new vehicles registered by 1.7% (compared to September 2023). This month also witnessed an increase in total traffic violations at a rate of 13.1%, as well as an increase in total traffic accidents at 3.9% compared to the previous month (September 2023).
The total number of registered new vehicles during October 2023 has reached 8589 new vehicles. The figure showed a monthly increase of 1.7% but it showed an annual decrease of 29.6%.
Traffic accidents cases without counting the accidents without injuries, a total of 667 traffic cases were recorded during October 2023, showing a monthly increase of 3.9% and an annual decrease by 24.2%. Light injuries are accounted for most traffic accidents cases during the same month, with 91%, followed by severe injuries by 6%. However, 17 deaths were recorded, equivalent to only 3% of total traffic accidents cases.
Regarding the data of buildings permits issued, the total number of permits has reached 769 permits during October 2023, recording a monthly increase of 17.4% and an annual decrease of 20.9%.