Leading retailer LuLu Hypermarket Qatar recently launched the ‘National Product Week’ initiative, in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
The event will be held across all LuLu stores in Qatar, emphasising the theme ‘Together, We Support the Qatari Product’.
The initiative was inaugurated by Yousef Khaled al-Khulaifi, Agricultural Affairs director at the Ministry of Municipality, and Saif Jassim al-Kuwari, director of the National Product Competitiveness Support Department at the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.
The event was held in the presence of Dr Mohamed Althaf, director of LuLu Group, along with distinguished Qatari nationals and dignitaries from various public and private sector organisations, senior officials from LuLu management, and officials from 25 farms.
The week-long festival, running until December 6, showcases the best of Qatar’s food and non-food products, highlighting the country’s cultural heritage and tradition. This annual celebration, held since 2010, aims to create a supportive environment for the growth and development of local businesses while fostering a culture of collaboration and continued resilience.
The ‘Together We Support the Qatari Product’ initiative was designed to promote locally produced food and non-food items, supporting small Qatari businesses and entrepreneurs. The festival features a diverse array of products, including fresh vegetables, herbs, chicken, eggs, Arabic lamb and beef, chilled items, dairy, frozen foods, delicatessen and bakery products, assorted groceries, health and beauty products, among others.
Al-Kuwari said, “We always care about the availability of different local produce and products that strike a balance between quality and reasonable prices for consumers. We also appreciate the cooperation of local companies, including LuLu Hypermarket, one of the most cooperative companies showcasing local produce.”
Al-Khulaifi said: “We participate with LuLu Hypermarket group every year in this event that supports local produce. We are very pleased to see the increasing local vegetable production and the participation of local companies. LuLu is currently working with 77 local farms, which is truly commendable.”
Althaf said: “This event has been growing each year, promoting a sense of connection with Qatar’s food heritage and contributing to our food security. Qatar has made remarkable progress in local production, with many items now locally produced.
“This initiative is vital in maintaining momentum, especially in times of political crises and climate changes. We are partnering with more than 70 farmers in Qatar, showcasing our commitment to promoting Qatari products.”
Prominent Qatari brands, including Baladna, Mazzaraty, Dandy, Al Maha, Qbake, Rawa, qfm, Rayyan, Qatar Pafki, Pearl, Jawharh, Flora, Gourmet, Jerry Smith, Agrico Qatar, Paramount Agricole, Ocean Fish, Napoli Bakeries, Al Waha, Korean Bakeries, Parline, Ghazlan, Al Manhal, Dana, Aqua Gulf, Safa, Sidra, Lusail, Doha and Napico, among others, are regularly on display. LuLu Hypermarket also showcases LuLu’s private label products produced in Qatar.
The festival also provides a platform for representatives of leading agricultural farms, including Al Rayyan Farms, Nabati Farms, Alfardan Regional Agricultural Farms, Agrico, Simsima Farms, Ummqran Farms, Alfardan Group Farms, Ajaj Farms, Al Safwa Farms, Paramount Agricole Farms, Mahaseel, and other suppliers, such as Almana Unilever, Qatar Detergent, Althaluf, Qbake and Qatar National Import and Export Co.
LuLu Group’s longstanding partnership with local farmers demonstrates its commitment to marketing local agricultural produce and its socio-economic commitment to the nation. The group, with a global presence, has been a pioneer in promoting Qatari products and farm produce.
During the event, visitors will have the unique opportunity to experience Qatar’s vibrant and diverse culture, celebrating the country’s rich heritage and tradition. The festival supports small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing a platform to sell their products and reach a wider audience.
In a statement, LuLu Group highlighted its role in revolutionising retail by integrating all consumer needs under one roof, serving as a shopping destination with a strong presence in the region for over two decades. The group’s global presence includes comprehensive and well-established sourcing offices and logistics centres in 23 countries across the world.
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