Blue Marine Life Company launched its new shop at the Old Doha Port, dedicated to aquarium services and coral reefs and exclusively saline water organism and their necessities.
Blue Marine Life founder Ahmed al-Meer stressed that this outlet is aimed at enhancing marine ecosystems in the country, in particular fostering awareness among the general public, fans and specialists on the key importance of coral reefs and their essential role in maintaining fish stocks and marine organisms.

An ideal destination for students,
researchers and nature lovers

Taking part at the launch of the new outlet of Blue Marine Life, Dr Saif al-Hajari, the chief executive of the Qatar National Programme for Social Responsibility and the founder and chairman of the Friends of Environment Centre, stressed that such projects are important and involves various educational and awareness aspects related to the nature of environment in Qatar.
He added that this place would be a good destination for students, researchers and nature lovers to come closer to nature and enjoy firsthand experience, which would in turn enhance their creativity and care for the environment.
Dr al-Hajri noted that the coasts of Qatar are suitable for the growth of coral reefs due their geological construction that allows more light in and help the growth of these beings.
Coral reefs are key to the growth of fish and their breeding, as they provide shelter against strong currents and form natural habitats rich with nutrition.
Dr al-Hajari noted that due to the unregulated methods that were used by fishermen and some other harmful practices by sea goers, some of these coral reefs have been broken and their growth obstructed.
Accordingly, the state has given taken great interest in this and launched various research projects in co-operation with researchers and specialists at Qatar University to revive these coral reefs and maintain their growth using innovative techniques.

He said that his company was established in 2008 and this is the second outlet.
Al-Meer said that marine ecosystems and building aquariums have always been a passion of his, and that he has exerted all efforts to turn his hobby into a sustainable business.
His project has won a prize as the best project at Qatar Development Bank's National Business Competition, Al-Fikra, for Qatari-led start-ups for 2015- 2016.
He has also graduated from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, in Alexandria, Egypt, where he acquired the necessary skills and knowledge in the field.
His father, engineer Salman al-Meer, said that the marine environment has always been the source of life in Qatar, with the economy of the country mainly based on it in the old days.
Author and avid scuba driver Tony Vargas, the general manager of Blue Marine Life, stressed that this new shop is unique in Qatar as it was designed and established to be a hub and platform for related activities and create a sense of responsibility towards the marine environment among its visitors and customers.
He stressed that he and al-Meer are in agreement that this place would bring to Qatar the latest specialised technology in the field, with exclusive focus on coral reefs and saline water organism.
Vargas said that he will visit schools to talk about the marine life and coral reefs and their importance for sea life.
The shop will start monthly-basis workshops on the related issues, which will be open for all to take part in.
"We provide educational services, custom-made aquariums, and above all, we make sure that our customers know how to take care of their aquariums and fish and keep them alive and growing," he said.
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