Qatar, represented by the Shura Council, was voted Vice-President of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly for 2024-2025. This victory came after elections held during the Executive Committee meetings of the Assembly, hosted by the city of Antalya, Turkiye, over two days, concluding its proceedings Tuesday.
This appointment follows the victory of HE Council Member Eng Ahmed bin Hitmi al-Hitmi, as head of the permanent committee on budget and planning of the assembly for the same period. The heads of the assembly's permanent committees assume vice-presidential roles.
In this context, Azerbaijan won the presidency of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly, while the vice-presidency went to Qatar; Bahrain, Iraq, and Russia assumed vice-presidencies due to their wins in chairing the assembly's permanent committees.
The win reaffirms Qatar's significant role, represented by the Shura Council, in parliamentary diplomacy and acknowledges the council's diligent efforts in enhancing parliamentary co-operation, contributing to fostering interconnectedness and communication among nations.
The second day's proceedings witnessed the review of several items on the Executive Council's agenda. The delegation of the Shura Council presented proposals and viewpoints regarding amending the Assembly's charter to enhance its operations and effectiveness. The attendees decided to form a committee responsible for developing the Assembly's foundational documents, with Qatar's participation.
During the meeting, approval was also granted for the formation of a permanent committee dedicated to supporting the Palestinian cause, chaired by Palestine. In this context, Eng al-Hitmi, a council member, emphasized, during his intervention at the meeting, the necessity of supporting people in Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories amidst the egregious aggression they face. He urged Assembly members to take practical steps towards achieving peace in Gaza by urging governments to ensure Israel's commitment to the humanitarian ceasefire, resulting from Qatar's efforts, to serve as a basis for ending the war and stopping the bloodshed.
He also highlighted Qatar's efforts under the leadership of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, in supporting the resilience of Palestinians and ensuring protection against aggression while facilitating aid delivery to them. The Shura Council's delegation participating in the meeting, alongside Eng al-Hitmi, included HE Yousuf bin Ahmed al-Sada and HE Nasser bin Mutrif al-Hammadi.
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