Education Above All (EAA) Foundation is a leading participant at the 2023 edition of the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), which opened yesterday in Doha.
As the official strategic partner at WISE, EAA Foundation is hosting 16 panel discussions, roundtables and plenary sessions exploring transformative capabilities of education.
The diverse topics include artificial intelligence (AI) in innovations in higher education, greening education, youth economic empowerment, fiscal sustainability, education in emergencies, and the ongoing Gaza crisis.
EAA Chairperson Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser will participate today at the EAA's plenary under the title 'Education In Times of War', and raise global awareness for the Gaza crisis.
The session will focus on educational recovery, trauma, psycho-social emotional learning, and the profound impact of AI on advocacy for education and human rights.
The speakers include UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) advocate Prof Jeffrey Sachs, American author and psychiatrist Dr James Gordon, journalist from Gaza Ameera Harouda, Palestinian American comedian Mo Amer, and Al Fakhoora students Athar Ahmed and Randa al-Dawoudi.
Another key highlight of WISE 2023 is the celebration of Educate A Child (EAC)'s 10 Years Anniversary under the banner 'Re-Ignite Action to Transform the Lives of Those Left Behind'.
The event commemorates the EAC's achievements in reaching millions of out-of-school children over the past decade.
The celebration aims to showcase the positive impact of the EAC's focus on enrolling primary-level out-of-school children, motivating further commitment to this cause and emphasising the ongoing need for innovative solutions to ensure access to primary education.
Speakers include Gambia’s Minister of Basic and Secondary Education Claudiana Ayo Cole, World Bank global director (education) Luis Beneviste, strategic alliances professional at Colombia’s FPD Vanessa Pacheco Manjarrés, and Nhial Deng, refugee, youth advocate & former EAA beneficiary.
Led by Innovation Development, a programme of the EAA, the 'Artificial Intelligence in Education: Early Innovations Showcase' promises a dynamic exploration of organisations at the forefront of leveraging AI in education.
Additionally, Rota, another EAA programme, will host an intergenerational dialogue discussing critical elements required to transform and “green” education in response to the global climate crisis, fostering holistic learner competencies.
The 'Artificial Intelligence and Access to Higher Education' session, led by Al Fakhoora programme, examines AI's pivotal role in providing inclusive, equitable access to higher education for marginalised communities.
Silatech will lead a discussion on leveraging technology, AI, and creative industries for youth economic empowerment.
In a unique showcase, the EAA Foundation exhibits the imposing Al Fakhoora House structure, a recreation of the Al Fakhoora house in Gaza which was bombed last month.
Through immersive videos, the EAA highlights its unwavering commitment to a future were education triumphs over adversity.
The EAA Foundation is also paying tribute to its impactful projects in Colombia through the Colombian Gift Shop.
This space is an homage to traditional Wayuu village schools in Colombia, capturing the cultural essence of communities touched by the EAA's innovative work in Cartagena.
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