Qatar University (QU) and the University of Anbar have signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance co-operation and to leverage shared capabilities to serve both institutions.
This strategic partnership aims to establish direct relationships for developing and solidifying collaboration in education and scientific research.
President of QU Dr Omar al-Ansari and President of the University of Anbar Prof Mushtak Talib Salih signed the agreement.
The MoU outlines a commitment to work collaboratively to enhance economic development, improve human resource management, and to enable postgraduate students at the University of Anbar to pursue their research projects at QU through a recognised exchange programme. Furthermore, the collaboration extends to working on periodic visit exchanges for faculty members, laboratory technicians and students across the fields of medicine, science, engineering, computing and agriculture.
Additionally, joint scientific research programmes will be organised with the shared supervision of postgraduate students. Both universities will appoint an academic liaison co-ordinator, responsible for closely collaborating with their respective counterparts to strategise, develop and evaluate specific joint activities. This partnership also entails the organisation of seminars, conferences and joint workshops, as well as the exchange of academic materials and information.
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