The Investment Promotion Agency Qatar (Invest Qatar) has entered into a new partnership with the Ministry of Labour, aimed at nurturing talents and developing a high-skilled workforce through joint initiatives that leverage the collaboration between the public and private sectors.
This partnership complements the national endeavours to realise the objectives outlined in the human development pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV 2030).
The agreement was signed by Sheikha Abdulrahman al-Badi, Assistant Undersecretary of National Manpower Affairs in the private sector at the Ministry of Labour, and Sheikh Ali Alwaleed al-Thani, chief executive officer, Invest Qatar.
"Developing and empowering local talent is at the core of QNV 2030. Our unwavering commitment to nurture local skills and enhancing their effective participation in the labour market is evident through the implementation of various initiatives, fostering opportunities within the private sector," Sheikha al-Badi said.
Supporting well-qualified local professionals sets the foundation for a thriving, self-sufficient society, she said, underscoring that the collaboration with Invest Qatar marks the commencement of a new era of co-operation, focused on strengthening the labour market and catalysing Qatar’s economic growth.
Sheikh Ali said foreign investments, along with the transfer of knowledge and skills they entail play a crucial role in further advancing Qatar’s highly skilled workforce and bolstering our country’s conducive business environment.
"We look forward to facilitating more partnerships that bring together the public and private sectors to unleash Qatar’s human capital development potential," he said.
Marking the first initiative within the co-operation agreement, Invest Qatar organised an event titled “Connecting public and private sectors for talent development”.
The event shed light on initiatives led by government entities and discussed potential areas of collaboration. It witnessed active participation of international companies, while also showcasing programmes by the Ministry of Labour on Kawader initiative, a joint platform between the Ministry and Civil Service Commission.
Similarly, Qatar Manpower Solutions (Jusour) provided an overview of its programmes that support talent development.
Attendees engaged in networking sessions and workshops that provided valuable insights into talent management in the private sector.
The country’s commitment to develop its human capital is evident through its significant investments, aimed at creating a vibrant ecosystem of globally renowned educational institutions, research and training organisations.
These substantial strides have strengthened Qatar’s profile as the world’s fourth most attractive country for talent, according to INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2022.
Contributing to these national initiatives, Invest Qatar has embarked on many agreements with global organisations, including Microsoft, Iberdrola, UBS and Emerson.
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