The instant messaging platform WhatsApp is once again reportedly rolling out the ability to send view once photos and videos from desktop apps, a feature that was initially removed one year ago. The company removed the feature from WhatsApp Web and Desktop for added privacy
The feature was initially introduced in WhatsApp about two years ago to allow users to send content that disappears once it is viewed. When the recipient opens the photo or video, they can only see it once before it is automatically deleted. Additionally, media sent using this feature is not saved in the recipient's photo gallery or media library, and it cannot be viewed again, forwarded, or shared in any way. The content's validity expires if it is not opened within 14 days of being sent.
The feature is available to some users who install the latest updates of WhatsApp for Windows, WhatsApp for macOS, and WhatsApp Web, and its rolling out to more users over the coming weeks.
The button to set the image as a view once message is available within the caption bar in the drawing editor on WhatsApp for Windows. Users must press the "1" icon at the bottom of the screen before sending the media. The other person will see the "view once" icon when they receive the photos or video clips and will disappear automatically after being viewed. To enhance privacy and security, WhatsApp prevents users from taking screenshots while viewing content sent using this feature. (QNA)
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