The Katara Public Diplomacy Centre held another episode of the European language activities, organised by the Katara – the Cultural Village Foundation in its Building 15, in co-operation with the European Union delegation to Qatar and the embassies of Romania and Moldova in Qatar.
In this context, Romanian ambassador to Qatar Nicusor Daniel Tanase said that the European language activities serve as a valuable opportunity to introduce the Romanian culture and language, a Romance language that shares many similarities and characteristics with the other Romance languages of Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese that are spread across Western and Central Europe, whereas the Romanian language is spoken in the eastern flank of the European continent.
Moldovan ambassador to Qatar Lulian Grigorita said that this event organised by Katara aims to deepen understanding of European culture and language, pointing out that the Romanian language is spoken in both Romania and Moldova.
He praised Katara’s efforts in introducing the culture and language of Moldova, considering it a step reflecting a spirit of culture, art, and creativity.
In May this year, Katara launched the European language activities, in co-operation with the European Union Delegation to Qatar and the embassies of European countries in Qatar, with each country organising its own activities on a dedicated day, with activities varying between practical workshops and theoretical lectures on language and culture.
Through organising these activities, Katara seeks to introduce the famous cultural and linguistic diversity of the European continent and highlight the important role that language plays in fostering a cultural exchange. – QNA
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