Qatar Foundation (QF) hosted a composting workshop for students within Education City, teaching participants how to recycle organic waste while highlighting the importance of maintaining sustainable living practices.
Held during Qatar Sustainability Week 2023 and organised by Qatar Foundation Health, Safety and Environment (QF HSE), the workshop saw students receive a composting bin for their school or university, and instructions on how to use it.
Nadia Ali al-Emadi, a nine-year-old student at Qatar Academy Msheireb (QAM), part of the QF’s Pre-University Education (PUE), said: “It's amazing how our leftover fruit and vegetables can mix with soil to make plants grow better.”
“I learned how we can turn waste into a natural fertiliser, enriching soil and plant health while reducing landfill waste,” she said. “This simple act of composting demonstrates how our everyday choices can positively impact the planet's health.”
“I love seeing our school surrounded by trees. I enjoy gardening with my friends – it’s not just fun, but it is also really important for taking care of our planet,” al-Emadi added.
Abdullah Ahmed al-Khalifa, a seven-year-old student at the QAM, said: “Today was fun – I enjoyed learning about plants with my friends. It was my first time trying something like this and it was very exciting. We got to learn about how leftover food can turn into compost and help plants grow.”
Hind Walid Mohammed Fakhro, an 11-year-old student at Qatar Academy Doha, said: “During the workshop, I learned an important lesson about not wasting food. When we throw away food, it can harm the environment, but when we use every last bit of it, like turning it into compost, we're helping to make more plants and trees grow, which is really good for our world.”
“This initiative is more than just a one-off event, it is an opportunity to show the importance of sustainability to our students,” Aisha Ghani, an environment specialist and project lead at QF HS&E, said. “And through this, we hope to help create a green and sustainable campus.”
“During the workshop, we talked about the importance of composting, recycling, and growing plants on campus,” she said. “We provided each school with a compost bin and taught the students how to use it.”
“It's encouraging to see students participating actively, transforming their leftover food into compost,” Ghani added. “We are working to nurture a more environmentally friendly campus by empowering eco-advocates, ensuring the sustainability of our future.”
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