The Israeli occupation army stormed Friday morning the Indonesian Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip, executed a wounded Palestinian woman in cold blood, and wounded and arrested six others.
Meanwhile, it intensified its violent raids on various areas of the Gaza Strip, less than an hour before a temporary humanitarian pause agreement came into force.
The Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) reported that the occupation forces, which were bombing and besieging the hospital in the town of Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip, stormed it amid intense gunfire and brutally killed a wounded woman, wounded three others, and arrested at least three others.
The agency quoted health sources as saying that what the occupation is carrying out in the Indonesian Hospital is a war crime that is more horrific and more severe than what it did in the Al-Shifa Medical Complex.
The occupation forces had directly bombed the hospital , which led to the death of two workers, wounded and displaced people, the injury of others and the disruption of many of its important facilities, including the operating rooms and the oxygen station inside it.
In parallel, the occupation aircraft targeted an inhabited residential building in Nuseirat "Camp 2" in the middle of the Gaza Strip at dawn, killing a number of people and wounding others, including children and women.
In addition, civil defence crews recovered 10 Palestinians from under the rubble as a result of the occupation aircraft bombing a house in the city of Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip.
The occupation aircraft also continued to target various areas in the Gaza Strip, which led to the death and injury of dozens of citizens.
The Indonesian Hospital attack comes in the context of the ongoing occupation targeting health facilities in the Gaza Strip and deliberately putting them out of service, ignoring international and humanitarian law and global demands for the necessity of protecting civilian hospitals.
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