Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading telecommunications company, has entered into a three-year agreement with Katara – the Cultural Village to be the exclusive telecom sponsor for the World Arabian Horse Championship (WAHC).
Scheduled from December 6-9, WAHC will be the first of its kind to be held outside of France — signifying a new chapter in the history of Arabian equestrian sports.
Ooredoo Qatar CEO Sheikh Ali bin Jabor bin Mohamed al-Thani, said at an event yesterday: “We take immense pride in sponsoring the World Arabian Horse Championship through a three-year partnership with Katara. The collaboration kicks off with the championship in Qatar from December 6-9, 2023, followed by the Paris Championship in 2024, and ultimately returning to Qatar in 2025.”
Katara general manager Prof Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti said: “Hosting the 2023 World Arabian Horse Championship was the result of a creative vision and diligent work aimed at making Qatar an important centre for attracting such international championships, especially given the rank of this tournament on the global level of Arabian horse competitions. Katara managed to bring this event, hosted for the first time in 42 years outside its home of France, to Qatar.
Highlighting the significance of telecommunications and its role in the success of any event, he emphasised that this partnership would have a significant impact.
Prof al-Sulaiti pointed out that WAHC 2023 is one of the most prominent global equestrian events. It combines grace and purebred lineage, bringing together over 150 Arabian horses from more than 20 countries for competitions.
He added that organising the championship at the Old Doha Port, with its blend of authenticity and modernity, provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase the cultural and tourist diversity in Qatar.
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