Google has announced adding an "Unsubscribe" button to make it easier to unsubscribe from unwanted promotional emails in Gmail on Android in their latest update.
This new feature, located to the right of the senders address, allows users to easily opt out of future emails from a particular sender, Google explained.
This is part of Google's broader effort in the fight against spam and unwanted emails. Just a month ago, the company announced it is requiring bulk senders, those who send 5000 emails daily, to add a one-click opt-out button in Gmail. Additionally, Gmail may block deliveries from senders whose emails are frequently marked as spam.
The prevalence of spam emails is widespread. According to estimates by Kaspersky, half of all global emails sent in 2022 were spam.
Gmail on desktop already has this feature. When it spots an unsubscribe link in a message, it puts its own unsubscribe link right at the top. This functionality has been designed to facilitate users' choice to stop receiving future emails from certain senders. (QNA)
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