The Education Above All (EAA) Foundation, one of the largest global institutions in development and education, is to hold a community-driven event ‘Children Above All’ on Friday, Nov 24 at Oxygen Park in Education City.
The event is a call to action to raise awareness about the plight of children affected by the war on Gaza, provide essential support and honour the lives tragically lost in this war. “Children Above All” also aims to bring the community together to engage in sports and social activities. The event offers an opportunity for individuals and families to actively participate in various activities, including sports competitions, food stalls and a march for peace.
A special feature of the event is the inclusion of school sports competitions. Additionally, the event provides volunteer opportunities for organisations and individuals, making it a day of meaningful and impactful participation for all involved. Director of Partnerships at EAA Foundation Parintaj Sulaiman called on the people of the community to participate in the event as it will serve as a powerful statement of solidarity with the children of Gaza.
It is also an opportunity to raise donations and show support for the residents in the Gaza Strip, as well as make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by the war on Gaza. (QNA)
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