Aamal Company hosted its social sports event, ‘Aamal Ride’, in cooperation with the Qatar Cycling Federation at Lusail Boulevard.
Over 500 cyclists from 56 countries around the world participated in the Ride, while Qatar ranked first in terms of the number of participating cyclists. This included professional and amateur cyclists, members of the national cycling team, as well as a number of scout teams from national schools.
Aamal Company vice chairman and managing director Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal al-Thani, was present. ‘Aamal Ride’ included four routes of different lengths, each allocated to a specific category of participants, and all started and ended at Lusail Boulevard: the long route (85 km), the middle route (56 km), and the short route (14 km), in addition to Lusail Boulevard inclusive ride (1.6 km).
All the proceeds from the event were donated to support Palestine through the Qatar Charity. The event included a prize draw for participants, with the prizes donated by Aamal and its subsidiaries.
Rashid bin Ali al-Mansoori, CEO of Aamal Company, commented: “ I am pleased that we were able, through this event, to encourage people from all parts of society to adopt a healthy lifestyle as sport has a great ability to make a positive impact physically and mentally. This is the beginning of a series of events that we hope to hold on an annual basis through which we aim to improve community wellbeing.”
Dr Mohamed Jaham al-Kuwari, president of the Qatar Cycling and Triathlon Federation, added: “We truly enjoyed Aamal Ride, the first of its kind at Lusail Boulevard. The event was a great success and witnessed massive turnout from the cycling community. The organisation of such events greatly serves and supports this sport, and expands our base. We look forward to an even bigger and more successful Aamal Ride next year.”
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