Qatar participated in the 14th Bosphorus Summit, which took place recently in Istanbul, under the theme ‘Navigating the Next Century: Challenges and Promises’.
Qatar’s delegation was headed by HE the Minister of Commerce and Industry Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad bin Qassim al-Thani.
HE Sheikh Mohamed expressed his pleasure at participating in the influential assembly during his speech at the summit. He stressed the summit’s significance as a leading global forum that brings together leaders, experts, and stakeholders to share ideas and provide invaluable insights across various fields.
He also underscored its importance as an international platform fostering collaboration and disseminating best practices, in line with the shared goal of advancing stability and fostering prosperity on a global economic level.
Sheikh Mohamed highlighted that the Bosphorus Summit took place amidst a period defined by an array of challenges that bear substantial consequences for the global economy, including the critical issues of the food security crisis and climate change.
He also underscored Qatar’s active participation in the summit, emphasising its commitment to establishing strategic partnerships with countries worldwide.
This dedication extends to promoting initiatives aimed at fostering a sustainable global economy through the development of new international alliances and strengthening multilateral cooperation, he said. The summit plays a crucial role in embracing critical perspectives and visions necessary for the economic progress of nations. These initiatives are essential for empowering economies to effectively tackle the pressing challenges of the modern world, Sheikh Mohamed said.
In his address, Sheikh Mohamed highlighted the strategic initiatives undertaken by the country as outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030. Those initiatives aim to connect the advancements in science and technology for a transformative impact, steering towards a more promising future.
He also underscored the notable progress achieved over the past two decades, with the country experiencing substantial infrastructural development and robust growth across diverse industries. This trajectory has positioned Qatar among the strongest economies globally, Sheikh Mohamed emphasised.
In alignment with the government’s vision to position Qatar as a hub for digital innovation, Sheikh Mohamed stated that numerous initiatives have been initiated across various sectors. The overarching objective is to facilitate technological advancements, elevating their contribution to overall growth and sustainability.
Sheikh Mohamed also explained that Qatar has placed significant emphasis on digital security and cybersecurity. On a domestic scale, Qatar established the National Cybersecurity Agency. Qatar is also actively committed to encouraging global cooperation and serves as an active member of the Global Cybersecurity Forum.
HE Sheikh Mohamed also hoped for the achievement of the summit's goals and expressed the belief that its outcomes would facilitate improved economic and trade collaboration among the nations involved, thereby making significant contributions to shared initiatives.
Throughout its course, the summit’s sessions and seminars covered several significant issues. It included an exploration of the prospects for the next century, considerations on climate and the green economy, conflict resolution strategies, the dynamics of the Arab-Turkish dialogue, the Belt and Road initiative, developments in banking and financial services, defence industries, and cybersecurity, as well as discussions on infrastructure and urban development investments.
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