Google ends the feature of unlimited cloud storage of the WhatsApp copies in Android.

Google has indicated that starting from December, the backup copies of WhatsApp will take a storage space from the accounts of Android users in Google Drive cloud storage.

According to what has been noted in the application's latest trial version of the Android system, there is a notification appearing in the settings, which indicates that the backup copies will start consuming storage space for Google in the next months.

Google has clarified that, currently, the storage space of the users who subscribed to the paid (Workspace) service for work or education will not be affected by the new changes.

Since years, Google has provided for the Android users an unlimited storage feature without affecting their available storage space in Drive.

WhatsApp users in the Android system will have to check the size of the backup copies before downloading them to their accounts. They may have to copy text messages and dispense with the large size documents and videos.

The new Google policy seems similar to that of Apple, which makes the backup copies of WhatsApp in iPhone part of iCould, despite the fact that it does not exceed 5 GB.

The Google decision may force some users to subscribe to additional storage spaces made available through Google One service. The price of the subscription starts from $2 a month for the main storage of 100 GB.

Google offers free storage space of 15 GB to all users of Drive service. (QNA)
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