The American company Apple intends to provide the possibility of downloading applications from outside its official App Store in line with the new laws established by the European Union (EU), and will begin during the first half of 2024.

The company's customers will not have to rely entirely on the App Store to obtain applications and games, and developers will also be able to publish their applications in alternative stores without having to pay special fees to Apple, ranging between 15 and 30 percent for each purchase or subscription within the store.

Some code was detected in the iOS 17.2 update that Apple is currently working on, indicating the Sideloading feature from outside its official store.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA), which entered into force in EU countries in Nov. 2022, requires technology companies to open their services and platforms to other companies and developers.

It is expected that this law will have a significant impact on Apples platforms and services and may lead to Apple making major changes to the App Store, Messages, Siri, FaceTime, and others, noting that these changes are expected to be applied on a global scale, not only within the EU countries. (QNA)
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