The Ministry of Interior revealed that 1,900 participants benefited from the lectures and awareness activities provided by the Traffic Awareness Department of the General Directorate of Traffic during October, through 27 events dedicated to safe driving programmes.
In a statement, the ministry explained that these events aimed to raise traffic awareness among various segments of society. They sought to change their traffic behaviour to ensure their safety and protection from risks. The activities aimed to familiarise them with the economic, social, and health risks resulting from traffic accidents. The events targeted school students, kindergarten children, universities, military and civilian colleges, as well as personnel from ministries, authorities, government entities, private sector companies, driving schools, and communities.
The ministry pointed out that, during the events, the beneficiaries were informed about traffic laws and etiquette, highlighting common mistakes that lead to serious road accidents. Participants were educated about the requirements of safe driving, how to avoid traffic accidents, and the importance of wearing seat belts. Emphasis was placed on avoiding the use of mobile phones while driving and other violations and risky traffic behaviours.
On another note, the Traffic Awareness Department of the General Directorate of Traffic participated in the 8th Youth Hobbies Conference and AI Exhibition, while awareness segments were broadcasted on the Urdu radio, and a campaign for the Winter Camping Season 2023/2024 was launched.
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