Apple has announced its plans to implement critical changes in its upcoming iOS 18 system, introducing new features and designs alongside significant improvements in performance and security.
"The iOS update also needs to be extra-impressive because the iPhone 16s hardware wont have any major advances next year. So Apple is banking on the software to sell people on the new models," said Bloomberg.
While Bloomberg's report did not detail specific features expected in the new system, earlier reports suggest the company is racing to catch up with Google and OpenAI in generative AI for the iPhone. A key highlight is expected to be an updated and enhanced version of Siri, Apple's personal assistant.
Apple typically unveils its new software during its Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Following the announcement, they release beta versions leading up to their final release to all users by the fall of each year.
The iOS 14 system, released in 2020, was the last major update for the iPhone operating system. Its most prominent feature was the support for adding widget tools to the home screen. (QNA)
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