Setting up the strategic guidelines to define the training system of the future can be as much strategic as to develop the frontline fighter fleet that will defend the home country.
The M-346 Integrated Training System has been specifically designed by the italian Leonardo to improve the teaching effectiveness during the latest - pre-operational - phases of training, thanks to the performance of the twin-engine jet M-346, its advanced avionics, fully representative of modern fighters, a full suite of embedded simulation and associated simulators. A fundamental parameter to be managed in today’s fighter pilots training is the optimal balance between real flight on board of high performing training aircraft and simulation, with “virtual” training having a crucial role to reduce costs keeping a high quality.
The M-346 characteristics enable extensive transfer - or “download” - of flight hours from the more expensive training on the twin-seat version of the front line fighters. This approach reduces the training time, providing huge cost savings, maximizing - at the same time – the quality of training and developing cadet’s skills needed to manage todays’ complex operational net-centric scenarios.
The result is that M-346 is today unparalleled in the world training market, central element of its Integrated Training System which include an operational “Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC)” environment, designed to merge real aircraft, simulators and computer generated elements of the operational scenario in order to allow student pilots to develop knowledge, skills and practices needed to exploit modern combat aircraft, such as F-35 or the Eurofighter Typhoon. Feedbacks confirm proven cost effectiveness and reduced duration of final training syllabus.
Derived from the most advanced “Lead-In Fighter Trainer” on the market, the M-346FA, the Fighter Attack variant of the proven M-346, is capable to carry out a wide range of operational roles - both air defence and air-to-ground - in the most cost effective manner, providing at the same time the best level of training for the pilots thanks to its state of the art integrated training system.
More than 100 M-346s have been contracted to major Air Forces such as the ones of Italy, Singapore Israel, Poland, Qatar and Greece. M-346 is also the backbone of the Italian Air Force-Leonardo “International Flight Training School (IFTS)” based in Italy, where international pilots train themselves and build their combat skills. Pilots from Japan, Germany, Qatar, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Austria and Canada, are already successfully training today at the tecnologically advanced “campus” in Decimomannu (Sardinia). UK’s Royal Air Force is the latest Air Force choosing to send their pilots to IFTS.
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