Al-Gannas Qatari Society concluded Saturday the competitions of the 10th edition of the Qatar Isfari Falcon Championship 2023 at its centre in Ras Lafan, with the winners honoured accordingly.
The first winners at Al-D'aw category won QR35,000 each, while the winners of the second place grabbed QR25,000 each, and the third place winners, QR15,000.
The winners of the fourth and fifth places won QR5,000 each.
The winners of the first three places also received trophy shields.
Al Da'w category is when the falconer releases his falcon to cover a certain distance at the highest possible speed, flying towards a set target at a very low altitude, before returning to the falconer.
Al D'aw Committee head Hamad Saleh al-Massoud stressed that all the competitions saw amazing performances from well-trained falcons.
He pointed out that the difference in time between the winning falcons were often just fractions of a second.
Qatar Isfari Falcon Championship is one of the most important tournaments organised by Al-Gannas Society.
It marks the beginning of a busy season, with a number of championships and tournaments leading up to the Marmi Festival in January 2024.
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