Online product delivery service talabat has aligned with Qatar's aims for a sustainable future by supporting Qatar Sustainability Week (QSW2023).
Similarly, talabat is committed to contributing to global sustainability efforts by participating in the COP 28 to be held in Dubai.
Last month talabat joined forces with Enavra, the first premium biodegradable bioplastic manufacturer in Qatar.
This collaboration underscores the organisation's commitment to supporting homegrown businesses and local entrepreneurs, in sync with the Qatar Vision 2030.
Founded and co-established in 2019 by Qatari entrepreneurs, Enavra lays down a clear vision to promote large-scale manufacturing and distribution of indigenous, sustainable, and biodegradable cutlery products in Qatar.
talabat has also introduced sustainability-focused pilot projects, including electric bikes.
Through a collaboration with the "Silence S02" Urban bike fleet options, the pilot programme was initiated on November 2 to evaluate the day-to-day delivery operation performance when using electric vehicles versus traditional motorbikes.
talabat mart will unveil a new Sustainability Week category, featuring a diverse selection of eco-friendly products.
This special collection includes items like “Fun Wooden Spoons”, “Paper Cups with Handles”, “Paper Kraft Salad Bowls with Lids”, “Fun Bio Fibre Plates”, and “Enviro Care Bio-Deg Lavender Scent Bags”.
These products promote eco-conscious consumer choices and sustainable practices during the Sustainability Week.
Francisco Miguel Condeco Caetano De Sousa, the managing director at talabat Qatar, said: “Our aim is not only to provide outstanding delivery services but to do so in a way that minimises our environmental impact and benefits the community.”
“talabat remains dedicated to making a positive difference, and together with our partners and customers, we will continue to work towards a more sustainable and socially responsible future,” he said.
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