Baladi Express, described as 'the largest e-commerce platform in Qatar' participated in the Hospitality Qatar 2023 exhibition, which concluded Wednesday at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre.
Baladi Express's participation in Hospitality Qatar 2023 is a testament to the company's commitment to not only meet the evolving needs of Qatar's thriving hospitality industry but also to contribute to its continued growth, a statement said Wednesday.
The digital platform caters to the changing preferences of consumers, offering fast and free delivery services for an extensive selection of products, from daily essentials to gourmet restaurant dishes, electronics, pharmacies, and more.
Baladi Express offers fast and free delivery service for more than 150,000 diverse products, including hypermarket products and daily necessities, as well as a variety of restaurant dishes, electronics, pharmacies, and florists' shops and gifts. The company provides a round-the-clock, first-of-its-kind service in Qatar.
Dr Mohamed Osman, general manager of Baladi Express, acknowledged 'the remarkable potential within Qatar's hospitality sector and stated that the country's unprecedented growth in this industry positions it as a standout performer on the global stage'.
Dr Osman expressed his delight at the grand and distinctive organisation of the event, pointing out that the company's booth was open to visitors to familiarise themselves with the unique services offered by Baladi Express.
"At Baladi Express, we take pride in our participation in this exceptional exhibition, which highlights the diversity and development in the hospitality and hotel sector in Qatar. We believe in the authenticity of Qatari hospitality and aim to provide the best services and support to all our clients in this field."
The company also offers B2B services by contracting with hospitality partners in Qatar, including hotels, restaurants, and establishments in various sectors.
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