Chairperson of Qatar Family and Community Medicine Society Dr Samya al-Abdullah has stressed the importance of consolidating the concept of community volunteer activity through working with professional associations and giving another dimension to the humanitarian message carried by the doctor.
The Qatar Family and Community Medicine Society is the latest non-profit professional association to fall under the Qatar Medical Association. In special remarks to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Dr Samya al-Abdullah said that the association’s mission is to provide support and leadership, and enhance the general status of family and community medicine specialists, and represent doctors in international conferences and meetings aimed at raising the professional quality standards of healthcare in Qatar.
She pointed out that the most prominent goals of the association are to contribute to the growth and development of family and community medicine services provided in Qatar, in co-operation with other health institutions, and to work to implement the family medicine programme in all primary healthcare facilities in the country.
This is in addition to raising the performance rates of family and community doctors to support providing comprehensive and integrated medical care in accordance with Qatar National Vision 2030, and exchanging information and professional experiences in the fields of family and community medicine inside and outside the country.
Dr Samya called on all doctors specialised in family and community medicine in Qatar to join this association and enrich its community activity, as it will be a forum for doctors from various health and medical institutions, whether from the government or private sector. She said that the doctor does not diagnose and treat diseases as much as he is a person who bears the responsibility of raising awareness and spreading a sound health culture to prevent diseases and improve the general health of members of society by international standards based on scientific evidence.
She pointed out the importance of family and community medicine specialisations in Qatar as family medicine provides primary diagnostic and therapeutic health services to the public, while the role of community medicine is prevention through a group of programmes and services that devote early detection of diseases, methods of preventing them, and preventing their complications.
Vice-Chairman of Qatar Family and Community Medicine Society Dr Mona Taher stressed the importance of volunteer work and its positive impact on various characteristics of community awareness of aspects of public health. She indicated that the association aims to contribute to the management of various national crises, events, and activities in coordination with the concerned authorities, in addition to encouraging scientific research in the health sector inside and outside Qatar through exchanging experiences, holding scientific conferences and workshops, presenting joint research papers, contributing an effective role in the field of public health, and spreading awareness and health education.
Secretary-General of Qatar Family and Community Medicine Society Dr Maryam al-Emadi stressed the importance of doctors investing in these connections in order to launch channels of constructive communication with society in all its categories. She pointed out that the rich diversity in the speciality of family and community medicine provides the association with diversity, integration, and a multiplicity of activities and events, while also opening the door for all family and community doctors to enter the field of volunteer work in the association.
Meanwhile, director of public relations and communication committee at Qatar Family and Community Medicine Society Dr Anis al-Yafei indicated that the association is in the process of preparing community programmes and activities for the public and specialised scientific forums that seek to raise the doctor’s competence in the specialisations of family and community medicine. He pointed out that the doctor’s humanitarian mission requires them to interact with society, educate the target groups, and keep up with the events that take place or are hosted by the state during the year.