With the support of the people of Qatar, Qatar Charity (QC) provided cooking gas to more than 22,000 Rohingya refugees on Bangladesh’s Bahasanchar Island, a statement said Tuesday.
QC teams co-ordinated with local government bodies and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
“We were constantly using firewood to cook food,” refugee Parveen said. “It was a very difficult task. Thanks to the provision of gas cylinders, Qatar Charity alleviated our daily suffering.”
“I am grateful to Qatar Charity for the assistance it provides to the Rohingya, which contributes to alleviating daily burdens and ensuring that they live in dignity,” Nasima Khatoon said.
The head of the refugee camp in Bahasanchar, Tariq al-Islam, said: “All the Rohingya residing in the camp are very happy with the assistance provided by Qatar Charity. We hope that these humanitarian projects will continue in the future.”
Bangladesh hosts 1mn Rohingya refugees.
The QC works in co-ordination and co-operation with the Bangladesh government to respond to the humanitarian needs resulting from displacement.
In 2021, about 30,000 refugees were transferred to Bhasan Char Island in the Noakhali region as part of a project designed by the Bangladesh government to relieve crowding in the camps at the beginning of the crisis.
The QC carried out interventions in various fields, such as building shelters, providing food relief, health care, and providing clean drinking water.
About 1.5mn refugees have benefited from the QC’s projects in the past five years.
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