Qatar Charity (QC) is working to build and furnish 20 educational centres for memorising the Holy Qur’an.
The initiative is expected to benefit 2,000 students, a statement said Monday.
The centres will be implemented in Faridpur, Jhinidah, Jessore, Kostia, Madaripur, Kishoreganj, Comilla, and Ghazipur.
Lubna Sharmeen, the government representative in the Kishoregunj region, said: “Bangladesh is a country with a Muslim majority, and people want their children to memorise the Holy Qur’an, and we therefore laud Qatar Charity’s initiative to build centres. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this.”
The head of the Qur’an Memorisation Centre in Comilla, Mohamed Shamim Khan, said: “We are happy to build and equip these centres. Thank you to the people in Qatar and to Qatar Charity for this kind initiative."
Habib al-Islam Khan, secretary of the Holy Qur’an Memorisation Centre in the Kishoregunj area, said: “The centre was dilapidated, and the students were facing many problems due to the lack of facilities. Now that Qatar Charity is rebuilding the centre, the students and teachers can perform their duties to the fullest.”
In the past five years, QC has built about 50 schools equipped with boarding sections for students, benefiting more than 10,000. QC also sponsors 3,312 orphan children in Bangladesh and provides them with all educational expenses to ensure a good future.
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