Bloom Fest 2023, an activity day for grades I and II, was held at MESIS.
Many subject corners were located throughout the hallway. English, Maths, EVS, Qatar History, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, French, Islamic studies and Arabic had distinct sections. Under the leadership of their teachers, the students explored a multitude of topics in the presence of their parents. The activities planned in various areas addressed different domains of development, such as language development, cognitive development, fine and gross motor development, creative development and socio-emotional development.
The event was inaugurated by Faisal Mayan, the MES governing board’s director of transport. The attendees included board member Shahid, MESIS principal Pramila Kannan, MES Indian School principal Dr Hameeda Kadar, Off-Campus administrator Manmadhan Mampally and vice-principal Annie Francis. Daya (Grade 1) gave a welcome speech while Mersiha (Grade 2) delivered the prayer to commence the event. Dhiva (Grade II) was the event’s anchor and Gunasree (Grade II) proposed a vote of thanks.
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