The Madagascar pavilion in the International Zone at the Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha is witnessing a large turnout of visitors, as it is an inspiration for discovering the island's picturesque attractions and its investment potential. Madagascar is one of the most unique eco-tourism destinations in the world. The country is home to many species of plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in the world.
The Madagascar pavilion displays the most prominent products that characterize the African island, including handicrafts and natural materials, which reflect its heritage and identity, and invite visitors to the exhibition to a very special experience. The pavilion officials want to highlight the wonders of their country to become a source of inspiration for visitors.
The pavilion showcases the Baobab tree, the most important feature of plant life in Madagascar, which has eight species, six of which grow in Madagascar only. Some of these species have trunks that reach a full 9m in diameter, and their branches extend up to 30m, and they can face harsh environmental conditions.
The Madagascar pavilion at the Expo 2023 Doha also displays one of the products that distinguish this charming island, which is the internationally known essential oil of Ravensara, which means the tree with good leaves, and is used in traditional medical prescriptions.
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