Qatar Charity (QC) continues its humanitarian efforts to relieve those affected by the war in Sudan.
A project has been launched to improve temporary shelter, provide potable water, and to implement cleanliness and sanitation campaigns in the city of Wadi Halfa and those stranded at the Arqin crossing, located on the Sudanese-Egyptian border.
The project includes arranging a truck for two months to distribute drinking water to 2,500 people per month, providing chlorine tablets and water storage equipment for families, waste collection equipment as part of an environmental sanitation campaign, and constructing temporary toilets and handwashing units with soap, to reduce the incidence of diseases resulting from the lack of availability of water or use of contaminated water.
The commissioner of the Humanitarian Aid Commission in the Northern Sudanese State, Dr Abdel-Rahman Ali Khairi, lauded the project and urged QC to search for sustainable solutions to the water and sanitation problems affecting the city of Wadi Halfa.
Khairy confirmed that QC was one of the first organisations to intervene by providing ready meals at the Ashkit and Arqin crossings and various shelter centres.
Several displaced and stranded travellers in the city of Halfa and the Arqin crossing expressed their appreciation for QC’s intervention to provide shelter and clean drinking water, and in implementing hygiene campaigns following the wave of displacement that led to a negative change in the environment in the host areas of the northern state, and the suffering of sick and elderly in obtaining water and appropriate shelter.
The supervisor of the shelter centre at Othman Mohamed Suleiman School thanked QC for providing clean drinking water. QC has implemented a series of humanitarian interventions for those displaced by the war in the affected states and is currently working on implementing new health and food projects during the coming period, the statement added.
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