The Qatar National Library (QNL) will commemorate Qatar-Indonesia 2023 Year of Culture through a series of events.
On October 31, the QNL will inaugurate the “Letters of Faith: The Arabic Script in Indonesia” exhibition in partnership with Indonesian and local cultural institutions.
The exhibit will highlight the QNL’s unique collection, while showcasing Indonesia's Islamic heritage through the pages of beautifully adorned Qur’anic manuscripts.
The exhibition will also be showcasing loans from two prestigious institutions from Indonesia, artefacts that are displayed here in Qatar for the very first time.
The exhibition will open to the public on November 1.
"Indonesia is renowned for its remarkable cultural diversity, rich spectrum of ethnicities, languages, and religions,” said QNL executive director Tan Huism. “With the world’s largest Muslim population, its port cities have, from the late 13th century, been vibrant conduits for trade, diplomacy, and faith.”
“Today, we're delighted to welcome all to explore exquisite Qur’anic manuscripts and other artefacts like maps and batik textile which are over a hundred years old,” she said.
The events commence on November 2 with a storytelling session by Indonesian ambassador Ridwan Hassan as he shares tales from the “Land of a Thousand Islands”.
For those who appreciate handcraft, the library is organising a batik-making workshop – a technique of decorating cloth using wax in the colour dyeing process.
On November 3, the QNL will host a film screening, in collaboration with Aljazeera Documentary, of the film *Indonesia and Discovering the Unknown, followed by a Q&A session the producer.
This offers visitors an opportunity to broaden their horizons and appreciate the fusion of cultures in an engaging setting.
On the same day, there will be an in-depth discussion with Indonesian author Andrea Hirata, who will guide us through the themes and emphasise the role of cross-cultural dialogue in fostering understanding.
For the second day, the QNL will host another batik-making workshop.
On November 4, the final day of the Qatar-Indonesia Year of Culture series of events, a storytelling session led by Lita Hassan, wife of the Indonesian envoy, will kick off the day's activities.
Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the tales that intertwine the cultural narratives of Qatar and Indonesia.
The QNL is also organising a session on the craft of writing with award-winning Indonesian novelist Andrea Hirata.
Later that day, in partnership with Earthna, the QNL is hosting an outdoor exploration adventure at the mangroves in AlKhour.
Participants will set out on an enlightening journey to understand the role of mangroves in mitigating coastal pollution.
Prior to the trip, there will be an interactive session at the library where Dr Aspassia D Chatziefthimiou, a renowned expert in desert ecosystems, will share insights about mangroves in Qatar.
Dr Charlie Heatubun, a specialist in biodiversity and conservation, will highlight the significance of mangroves in Indonesia.
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