The Japanese pavilion at International Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha showcases plants and flowers that are found in the Japanese environment, along with sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural innovations and solutions.
As visitors enter the pavilion, they are welcomed by traditional Japanese origami decorative forms, elements of sustainability, and water conservation solutions using steam irrigation.
The pavilion features a Nissan car adorned with Japanese flowers and several symbolic plants arranged in diverse bouquets of different sizes and colours.
Additionally, the pavilion offers video presentations showcasing breathtaking natural landscapes and other segments portraying Japanese culture, customs, and traditions that have evolved uniquely by combining ideas, visions and skills while preserving their national identity.
The pavilion also addresses environmental pollution, bird and animal migration, forest fires, and desertification, all of which are consequences of climate change.
Through various organised events, the pavilion explores with its visitors what can be done to save the planet, how to pass on a healthy planet to future generations, and how to change behaviour towards the environment for a better tomorrow. It emphasises the need to change thinking, culture, and lifestyle while transcending differences to save the planet.
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