Huawei, which offered more than 100 innovative integrated services built on digital intelligence at GITEX Global 2023 exhibition, held during October 16- 20 in Dubai, allocates around 25% of its income for research and development, a senior official said.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the event, Alaa Elshimy, executive director and first vice president of Huawei Enterprise for the Middle East and Central Asia region, stressed that these services aim to accelerate digital transformation in various government, economic, and industrial sectors.
Huawei's leadership in smart AI-based solutions, cloud solutions, 5G, and 5.5G technologies results from the company's early investment in research and development, with an annual expenditure that amounted to $23bn last year only, which equals 25% of the company's total income.
Elshimy stressed that the primary goal of such investment is to provide future technologies by harnessing the potential of rapidly growing (AI) artificial intelligence, especially when combined with other advanced technologies such as cloud computing and fast wired and wireless communication networks.
This is achieved in collaboration with local and regional partners and developers to build a comprehensive system of solutions for various business scenarios in different sectors and specialised industries, including banking, government services, transportation, energy, healthcare, and others. These smart applications based on artificial intelligence aim to provide a competitive edge in digital transformation.
He said that Huawei has been working with over 9mn developers worldwide and approximately 40,000 partners in the development of smart solutions in various industries.
Elshimy pointed out that Huawei operates with an ambitious sustainability strategy, having already saved 50mn tonnes of CO2 in the past 10 years through green products and solutions designed to reduce traditional energy consumption and replace it with clean energy.
This aligns with the United Nations' sustainable development goals with the ultimate target of achieving zero CO2 energy consumption. He also talked about the opportunities available through Huawei's new business unit, "Huawei Digital Power," which focuses on smart green energy to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality and environment - friendly solutions.
Huawei has maintained partnerships with over 440 universities and colleges across the region. Besides Huawei has given related training to over 120,000 technical talents across the region and certified 37,000 of them in total.
Aloysius Cheang, chief cyber security officer, Huawei Middle East & Central Asia, stressed Huawei's focus on cybersecurity and the protection of the information of the users of its platforms, pouring huge investments in this area to enhance user experience.
"Huawei has developed an end-to-end secure supply chain using its own comprehensive security assurance systems, which cover people, processes, and technology," he added.
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