Qatar University (QU)’s Kindi Centre for Computing Research (Kindi), under the College of Engineering and the Artificial Intelligence Organisation, has launched the first edition of the Future Technology Forum.
This event features workshops, seminars, and panel discussions, all geared towards presenting practical applications and solutions in the ever-evolving domains of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI).
The Future Tech Forum is an initiative that aligns with the vision outlined in the National Cybersecurity Strategy and the Artificial Intelligence Strategy, offering a roadmap for the future.
The QU, through the Future Tech Forum, is committed to advancing cybersecurity within Qatar and cultivating cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions.
“The Future Tech Forum stands as a remarkable fusion of enterprising student initiatives and the dedicated efforts of our academic and administrative teams,” said QU president Dr Omar al-Ansari. “This synergy not only reflects our commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration but also underscores the transformative power of youth-driven endeavours in advancing the frontiers of knowledge and technology.”
“It underscores the pivotal role students play in driving innovation, aligning with Qatar University's vision of empowering its students,” he said.
Khalid al-Hashemi, director of the National Cyber Empowerment and Excellence Affairs at the National Cyber Security Agency, addressed the growing importance of cybersecurity in the age of advancing technology and artificial intelligence.
He emphasised the role of research institutions in confronting evolving cyber threats and the necessity of collaboration to address pressing issues in the fields of AI and cybersecurity.
Mohamed Mohsin Alyafei, head of Public Sector at Vodafone, said: “Today’s technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, and at the heart of this development comes AI as a transformative force that contributes significantly to shape our future.”
“AI is no longer just a theoretical concept, but rather has become a strategic necessity because it provides endless opportunities, not only for companies but also for individuals.” he said.
Kindi Centre director and Artificial Intelligence Organisation adviser Dr Abdulaziz al-Ali highlighted the profound impact of AI on various fields and its potential to redefine future jobs and standards.
“The Future Tech Forum sets the stage for a vibrant culture of collaborative efforts, demonstrating the power of initiatives led by Qatar University's students and its vision of empowering future leaders in technology and innovation,” he said. “As we embark on this transformative journey, we look forward to shaping the digital future of the country through partnerships, knowledge exchange, and collective efforts in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.”
The Artificial Intelligence Organisation is a student-led entity that aims to spread awareness about AI and its importance in modern societies, through events, workshops and seminars, hosted by experts in the field.
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