The Ministry of Culture, represented by Qatar Social and Cultural Centre for the Blind (QSCCB), organised Monday the White Cane procession at Lusail Boulevard, under the motto 'My cane illuminates my path', to mark the White Cane Safety Day which coincides with mid-October each year.
Held in collaboration with Qatari Diar, the procession witnessed the participation of QSCCB affiliates from people with blindness and visual impairments from both genders, along with representatives of several government entities, disability centres, volunteers from the Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) and those interested in the issues of people with blindness and visual impairments, as well as their relatives.
The event primarily aims to shed light on the significance of the white cane for people with blindness, which is easy to be safely used in places.
The event intends to raise the community's awareness on the fact that users of this cane are people with blindness who must receive help, safe road, and opportunities to move.
QSCCB board chairman Faisal al-Kooheji said that the QSCCB is committed to participating in the White Cane Safety Day on an annual basis to raise the community's awareness on this cane, because it is significant for people with blindness to be able to commute and move and ensure that they can practise their rights and responsibilities same as all people.
Director of the CEO Office and Public Relations of Qatari Diar, Ahmed Mohamed al-Sada, said he is glad to see Qatari Diar being partner in this critical event as part of its responsibility towards the community.
He said that he looks forward to further co-operation and sustainable participation in the efforts of promoting the community, as well as supporting people with blindness and persons with disabilities.
October 15 has been devoted globally to mark the White Cane Safety Day each year, since the cane is the hallmark of people with blindness.
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