The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) issued a circular (no 9 of 2023) dated 15/10/2023, stressing the importance of ensuring a safe environment for students to express their opinions and viewpoints regarding their nation’s crucial issues with complete freedom, including the most important Palestinian issue.
The circular addressed to schools and kindergartens principals on the subject of developments in Palestine reads as follows: “The administration of private schools and kindergartens extends our best regards. We are following with regret the developments of events in Palestine and the psychological impact of these events on everyone. Among them are our students who are part of the social fabric of Qatar. In this context, we affirm the firm position of the MoEHE in ensuring that we provide a safe environment for our students to exercise their natural right to peaceful expression regarding their crucial issues, including the just Palestinian cause, and to demand their legitimate rights.”
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