Kuwait’s pavilion at the Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha showcases the country’s efforts to combat desertification, manage water resources, and promote sustainable development.
The pavilion is divided into two areas, a main corridor, and several specialised zones.
The first building is inspired by Kuwait's ancient emblem and includes areas for children's activities, staff offices, and meetings.
The second building draws inspiration from Kuwait's modern emblem and houses a lecture hall, conference hall, and a VIP area.
The main corridor is reminiscent of the Ahmadi Oasis, and features shaded seating areas with mist sprays to cool the atmosphere inside.
The specialised zones within the pavilion cater to various activities.
There are areas for children's activities, including water recycling stations for irrigating the pavilion's plants.
Another zone distributes souvenir gifts to visitors, and there is the cylindrical museum area displaying environmental harmony and Kuwait's efforts to combat desertification.
Additionally, there is a growth and tasting area where visitors can engage in agricultural activities with Kuwait's key crops.
The interactive zone showcases Kuwait's natural reserves, providing insight into the Ahmadi Oasis and Kuwait's ecosystems.
Lastly, the presentation area offers space for activities and learning, featuring a screen displaying information, maps, and images about biodiversity and natural reserves in Kuwait.
It also houses a suspended garden inspired by water towers.
Head of the Kuwaiti pavilion at the Expo, Abdulaziz al-Ali, explained that Kuwait's participation in this significant event will focus on learning from other countries' experiences in combating desertification, environmental and agricultural efforts, and to benefit from their expertise and the latest technological advancements in this field.
He emphasised the importance of the topic being discussed at the exhibition, particularly as it is being held for the first time in the Middle East.
Al-Ali commended the considerable efforts by the Expo organising committee in overcoming obstacles for exhibitors and facilitating activities in all pavilions. – QNA