As part of its role as a strategic banking partner for Expo 2023 Doha Qatar, QNB Group has launched a creative and modern artwork under the name ‘QNB Icon’, considered the first of its kind in the Middle East.
The design used environmentally friendly materials and LED lighting powered by solar energy, which reflects part of the bank’s commitment to renewable energy. The QNB Icon reveals the most important information about QNB Group in five languages: Arabic, English, French, Chinese, and Turkish. It represents the group’s journey since it was founded in 1964 and its vision. The icon also indicates the group’s presence and business network in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East region.
The icon stands 4m high with a diameter of 3.5m and consists of four gold pillars topped by a gold cylinder powered by solar panels. Through light, the icon will reflect QNB Group’s achievements on the ground in the five languages.
Visitors can scan the QR Code using their smartphones to learn more about the details of the artwork. Through this artwork, the group reflects its commitment to providing an innovative experience using environmentally friendly materials, in line with the most important pillars of its social corporate responsibility, which is to contribute to building a better society and the ambition to achieve environmental sustainability.
Heba al-Tamimi, senior executive vice president – QNB Group Communications, stressed QNB Group’s keenness to participate in such events that highlight the sustainability practices by different sectors in the country, indicating that the artwork is a reflection of the work environment in which we operate and through which we look forward to achieving the desired goal.
In this context, she added that the group has made great strides in enabling initiatives that ultimately help in achieving sustainability at both internal and external levels.
The artwork is expected to attract the attention of attendees as an innovative and distinctive artistic edifice with a special character due to its association with the bank’s brand and logo and will be one of QNB’s most prominent contributions during the event, which will run for six months.
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