The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) has called on the international community to take resolute measures to support human rights principles and to protect human rights defenders, in addition to reinforcing the commitment of world countries to human rights through efficient engagement in dialogue and diplomacy, to ensure respect for human rights.

This came in the remarks of HE Secretary-General of NHRC, Sultan bin Hassan al-Jamali, during the Interactive dialogue on the Secretary-General's report on co-operation with the UN, its representatives and mechanisms in the field of human rights during the 54th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Al-Jamali affirmed that the protection of human rights principles requires boosting international co-operation and partnerships to promote accountability, transparency, and justice, pointing out that protection of human rights is a joint responsibility that goes beyond borders.

Qatar stands ready to co-operate in the endeavours to a world where human rights are respected and reprisal acts are eliminated, he said.

Al-Jamali expressed NHRC's solidarity with national human rights institutions that are exposed to acts of reprisal due to communication with the UN mechanisms. He stressed that NHRC will operate on one hand in the face of these violations through the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI).

Secretary-General of NHRC described reprisal acts against human rights defenders as unacceptable, calling on governments to be aware of the impact of these practices on credibility and impartiality, as well as their consequences, including the decline in development indicators, as well as economic, social and cultural backwardness.
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